Amateur Radio Technology - W5TXR Electronic Labs
21586 IH 35 North
Suite 107 (Schertz)
New Braunfels, Texas  78132

Store Hours:

Monday - Friday:  09:00 - 16:00
*Saturday: 09:00 - 14:00
Sunday: Closed

I am back, I sincerely apologize for all the extended absences
My absences were due to family emergencies, Things are
slowly returning to normal.


From San Antonio take IH 35 North like you are going toward Schertz, get off at exit 178
After you exit there is a road on the right that goes into a Storage Building facility, take that road,
go to the gate and the office and the person in the office will open the gate to let you in.
We are the last office / store on the left.
There is an "OPEN" Store Hours" sign in the window.

We are now a Full Service Dealer for

Relm / Bendix King Wireless

TecNet / Maxon

Used / NOS Motorola

We repair guitar amplifiers
Tube and Solid State

We repair most brands
We specialize in Fender Amplifiers.

We monitor (In the store) the Club repeater
444.8250 DPL 306 analog or digital mode
the Yaesu Fusion Repeater.
and 145.6000 Simplex CSQ

Please be patient for those that have repairs pending.

Got Yaesu Fusion DR-1X

Coming very soon !!
An EchoLink Interface cable for the Yaesu DR-1X repeater and our
EchoLink Interface ...It gets better....

We are taking Advanced orders (call) for our HQ EL-3SAT EchoLink Interface w/the RFC-YADR-1X (cable and a EL-3SAT-SP) mode steering module. Price TBD

We service amateur, commercial and marine transceivers.

Check out my personal web site
(830) 625-2599 Sales
(830) 625-2998 Service
(210) 858-9880 Universal City/San Antonio
(512) 275-6775  Austin
(    )  Pending     Houston

W5TXR Electronic Labs
Repeaters !

Want a KPC 3+ or a KAM XL with a true USB?

Come and see... Astron, Kantronics,
RT Systems Software, AOR and Timewave!!

Also, Two models of the
W5TXR EchoLink Multimode Interface are here!

 We have a huge library of (Print) Service Manuals
Operator / Owner
For most any rig!
Icom, Kenwood, Yaesu, Alinco, and many more!

Check out the cool satellite telephones and the great inexpensive service!

Our pathetic little website is Still under
re -construction! 
It's a work in progress!

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