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NO Orders until I get relocated.
I am completely out of EL-3SAT
Interface PCB's.

I have 100 more PCB's on order.

Watch this website for update.
We are military family and have relocated to the UK.
This was an unexpected PCS! We were supposed to PCS'ing to a US base down south, but that was cancelled. Anyways...
Once my equipment arrives I will be back in business, Sorry for the inconvenience. I will be shipping to the US and Europe as usual.
BTW, The electric system in the UK is 220 VAC  50 hz!  Lots of stepdown transformers :-(
Not only do I have to convert from 220 to 120 VAC but for many things the frequency must be corrected too.

Our website is relocating

Stay tuned for more information!
15 JUL 16

A² Engineering


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